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Institute of Business Administration
University of the Punjab Lahore

Selection of an institution for undergraduate and graduate education is the most critical milestone in a person’s professional life. The decision must be based on a number of criteria; the most important being an appropriate aptitude and cultural compatibility. For those who possess the bent for an application-based, market-driven learning experience, in an enlightened, yet value centered ethical environment, Institute of Business Administration is the place to be. The educational pathway at IBA is designed for knowledge enhancement and skill development with a focus towards global market requirements. Our graduates are equipped with such human skills which renders them adaptability for all dimensions of the business environment, be it the fast paced and competitive corporate setting, or the entrepreneurial culture of small and medium enterprises.

IBA offers a diverse range of programs, designed to address the specific requirements of people coming from a diverse variety of backgrounds. The undergraduate, graduate and executive degrees are offered in a number of fields including Finance, Marketing, Business Management, Information Technology and Human Resource Management. This year, IBA shall also launch the M.Phil program; a research masters specially targeted to develop.

specialized skills in professionals pursuing a career in academics and research.

IBA holds a strong conviction towards creating and maintaining an effective liaison with the corporate and industry sector. The mandatory requirement of an internship; and the establishment of an active Alumni association; both are evident manifestations of this institutional philosophy.

Students at IBA experience an outstanding environment, which results from a combination of a competitive curriculum; a highly qualified and cooperative faculty; a comfortable and purpose-built housing facility; and a refined, cultured and highly creative student body. I assure you that your time at IBA shall not only be effectively utilized for education but immensely enjoyable as well – the essence of a true learning experience.

Good Luck!

Sajida Nisar
Incharge Director
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