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Institute of Business Administration
University of the Punjab Lahore
IBA Prospectus 2018 new

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

3.5 Years Self Supporting Program


In order to cater to the growing needs of the corporate sector, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), being the business school in the largest public sector university in Pakistan, aims to tap this opportunity to meet the emerging market needs. IBA is launching MBA 3.5 years self-supporting program (equivalent to M.S./M.Phil. degree) from session 2018 for candidates having 14 years educations i.e. B.A/B.Sc./B.Com. or equivalent. This program attempts to nurture future business leaders through a rigorous training of managerial skills, ethics and critical thinking and intends to offer insights on the socio-economic dimensions of business in Pakistan with knowledge of modern management philosophy.

Aims & Objectives of the program

 The MBA 3.5 years equips the business graduate to harness innovative business thinking and new business models that can deliver organizational growth whilst addressing global economic, social, environmental and technological challenges.

 Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s degree (B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.) or equivalent (14 years) in any discipline from HEC accredited institutions. 

 Admission Criteria

 Academic Record                              70%

 Merit is determined by 1/4 of total marks obtained in Matric/O Level, plus 1/5 of total marks obtained in Intermediate/A Level, plus total marks obtained in B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. or equivalent.

 Additional Marks: 20 marks for Hafiz-e-Quran, 20 marks each for the elective subjects of Mathematics, Statistics & Economics (in case of papers of 200 marks only) studied at Graduation level (Maximum 40 marks).

 Entry Test                                          30%

 The applicants will have to take admission test. The admission test will be conducted by IBA.

 Number of Seats

 60 students will be inducted in the MBA 3.5 years self-supporting program. Twenty seats are allocated for the graduates of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. each. There will be a provision of reserve seats as per the University rules.

MBA 3.5 Years Self Supporting Program Session 2018





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 Merit List Schedule


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Total Credit Hours: 96
 1st Semester
  MBA 301 Business Communication
  MBA 302 Business Mathematics
  MBA 303 Essentials of Management
  MBA 304 Financial Accounting
  MBA 305 Introduction to Computer Application
 2nd Semester
  MBA 306 Cost Accounting
  MBA 307 Microeconomics
  MBA 308 Introduction to Human Resource Management
  MBA 309 Principles of Marketing
  MBA 310 Basic Statistics
 3rd Semester
  MBA 401 Business Law
  MBA 402 Financial Management
  MBA 403 Macroeconomics
  MBA 404 Strategic Management
  ----------- Specialization Course
 4th Semester
  MBA 405 Business Research Methods
  MBA 406 Database Management Systems
  MBA 407 Organizational Behavior
  MBA 408 Inferential Statistics
  ----------- Specialization Course
 5th Semester
  MBA 501 Managerial Economics
  MBA 502 E-Commerce
  MBA 503 Operations Management
  ----------- Specialization Course
  ----------- Specialization Course
 6th Semester
  MBA 504 Entrepreneurship
  MBA 505 Organizational Theory
  MBA 506 Research Methods II
  ----------- Specialization Course
  ----------- Specialization Course
 7th Semester
  ---------- Dissertation or Two Specialization Courses
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