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Seminar on Traffic Awareness

Moral beliefs are the pillars of civilized societies and are the reasons which separate us from animals”

The vital purpose of any educational institute is not only to instil and enhance academic mindfulness of students; instead to inculcate the moral values in them so that they can lead their lives with opulence. IBA has always spurred the moral values in its students through its dexterous efforts.

Keeping in view the ethical domestication of the students; a seminar was held on December 6th, 2017 whose cardinal bourn was to create TRAFFIC AWARENESS among the youth of IBA. Mr. Asif Siddique SP- City Traffic Police was invited as the chief guest. Male and female traffic wardens were there to orate the importance of our safety. Mr. Shahzad- Officer City Traffic Police addressed the students about the reasons of tragic injuries that take place due to our negligence and he told the students about the measures they could take to avoid such incidents. He further illustrated the conclusive configuration of the roads to the students. The event was organized by Dr.Wajeeha Shafqat- Placement Officer IBA and Mr. Illyas Bhatti along with the talented team of students of IBA. The chief guest expressed his appreciation on the whole event and addressed the students about the precautionary measures while driving. Later, a shield was awarded to the honourable chief guest by our worthy In-charge Director, Mrs. Sajida Nisar.

The crux of event laid in the maxim of precautionary measures because safety is more important than convenience. IBA is ambitious to conduct such healthy activities in future too. The sole beneficiaries of such exegesis display are the students indeed, who are the actual stake holders of our society.

Seminar on Traffic Awareness

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